We specialize in many styles ranging traditional all the way to realistic strong and soft massage everything in-between. You Need a Massage You're Feeling Stressed. ... You're Getting Headaches. ... You're Sedentary for Most of the Day. ... You Have Poor Posture. ... You're in Pain or Don't Have a Full Range of Motion. ... You're Training or Just Started Working out. ... And Sleeping!!

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Aranya Thai massage Las Americas in Pueblo Canario shopping 235 local 107 in front of the beach have good and excellent traditional Thai massage near you, Nuad Thai Boran is an budistic experience, it is art and technique in a soft massage, strong Thai massage, deep tissue massage, foot massage, couple massage, back massage, full body massage and relax your body and mind, customers from TripAvisor rate Aranya till 10% worldwide best we work with specialized and highly educated people who are qualified and certified in this work, Aranya Thai massage Tenerife is an institute and not just a ordinary massage parlor, no sex!!!

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Why do i need Thai massage?  Thai massage can benefit your health in numerous ways combines compression, acupressure, and passive stretching. These increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture. 

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Your skin is the mirror of your health and you must take good care of it. A Thai massage improves the flexibility and the circulation of all cells and fibers, the benefits are reduce headache intensity, lower stress, helps after stroke, better sleep and relaxation, improved digestion and calm mind or increased mindfulness

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“Thai massage has been called the ‘lazy man’s yoga’ because as a recipient, you need only relax and allow the practitioner to take over moving your body for you,” says Seely. “At most, your participation will be to breathe on certain cues to help deepen into stretches.”