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nuad thai boran

 Aranya Thai massage Las Americas in Pueblo Canario shopping 235 local 107 in front of the beach have the best  excellent professional Thai massage near you, Nuad Thai Boran is an budistic experience, it is art and technique in a soft massage, strong Thai massage, deep tissue massage, foot massage, couple massage, back massage, full body massage and relax your body and mind, we work with specialized and highly educated people who are qualified and certified in this work, Aranya Thai massage Tenerife is an institute and not just a ordinary massage parlor, we no do happy end.

Thai massage and yoga has been shown to have similar benefits, reinforcing the “mind-body connection,” improving how people (especially women) feel about their bodies, helping with sleep and controlling anxiety. A review of over 35 clinical trials that tested the effects of regular yoga on stress levels and health found that, overall, yoga offers significant improvements in various physical and psychological health markers for the majority of people. Come over or phone, mail or whats app.

Las Americas , Costa Adeje
Thai massage Tenerife

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